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Spanien und Großbritannien streiten sich weiterhin um Gibraltar.

Gibraltar ist mit seinen 32000 Einwohnern seit 1713 britisch und hat sich gegen den Brexit ausgesprochen. May sagt, sie würde niemals erlauben, daß Gibraltar britischer Kontrolle entgleitet. Mitte Juli traf sich der spanische König mit der englischen Queen und man kann sich denken, über was sie sich unterhielten.

Britain has expressed alarm over the clause and British Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted she will „never“ allow Gibraltar to slip from British control. With a population of just over 32,000, Gibraltar has been a British overseas territory since 1713 but Spain has long laid claim to it. Some 10,000 people cross from Spain to Gibraltar to work every day. Authorities in Gibraltar fear Spain is trying to take advantage of Brexit to impose its control over the territory. Gibraltarians voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU in last June’s Brexit referendum, but they still appear set on remaining British after the vote.


200 Migranten stürmen in Marokko den Grenzzaun nach Spanien

Some 200 migrants stormed a high fence between Morocco and the Spanish territory of Ceuta early on Tuesday, with 73 managing to get through in the latest incident at the border, authorities said.

A spokesman for the central government’s representative office in Ceuta, on Morocco’s northern coast, said 18 people were „slightly“ injured, including 15 migrants and three policemen. The migrants used „wire cutters and mallets to cut through the doors“ in the high double fence, he added.   Ceuta and Melilla, also a Spanish territory in North Africa, have the EU’s only land borders with Africa.

Finalmente @CruzRojaCeuta atiende a 67 personas entre el vallado, los Rosales y el CETI, de los que traslada a 14 por heridas y fracturas

— Cruz Roja Ceuta (@CruzRojaCeuta) August 1, 2017

As a result, they are entry points for migrants desperate to get to Europe and who regularly try to climb the high border fences, swim along the coast or hide in vehicles. Ceuta is now ringed by a double wire fence eight kilometres (five miles) long. The six-metre high fence also has rolls of barbed wire.



Mann schreit Allahu Akhbar an der marokkanisch-spanischen Grenze und verletzt einen Polizisten mit dem Messer. Das Video wurde vom spanischen Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido veröffentlicht.

VIDEO: Man shouting ‚Allahu Akbar‘ attacks police on Morocco-Spain border

A man shouting „Allahu Akbar“ – God is Great – and wielding a knife injured a police officer on the border between Morocco and the Spanish territory of Melilla on Tuesday morning.


6 Fluggäste eines Fluges von Barcelona nach Dakar protestieren gegen eine Abschiebung

A group of passengers onboard a Vueling flight from Barcelona to Dakar staged a protest in solidarity with a Senegalese migrant who was brought on board in handcuffs for deportation.

The protest by six passengers delayed the flight on Saturday by more than two hours after the unnamed Sengalese man was brought on wearing handcuffs.

He was flanked by border guards and was heard to be complaining loudly about being deported. His complaints won him sympathy with passengers in his vicinity, who refused to take their seats and insisted his deportation be cancelled.

Spanish news agency Efe reported that the migrant had arrived at El Prat airport without a work or residence permit and had therefore been refused entry and was being sent back to Dakar.


Spanien ist das Land mit den meisten Organtransplantationen (zumindest offiziell):

2016: 4818 Transplantationen, davon 2994 Nieren. Pro 1 Mio  Einwohner gibt es 43,3 Organspender, die USA hat 28,2 , Frankreich 28,1 und Deutschland 10,9.

Doctors performed 4,818 transplants last year, including 2,994 kidney transplants, according to the health ministry’s National Transplant Organisation (ONT).That means there were 43.4 organ donors per million inhabitants last year, a world record, up from 40.2 donors in 2015. By comparison in the United States there were just 28.2 donors per million inhabitants in 2015, 28.1 in France and 10.9 in Germany, according to the Council of Europe.




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