steem it – DTube – eine zensurfreie Alternative zu youtube?

2 Nachteile von steem it: englische Sprache und Login nötig.

Aber, was gepostet wird liegt einzig an der Zahl der Zuschauer, also der Community. Gute Bewertungen bringen virtuelles „Geld“ und lassen den Wert steigen, schlechte Bewertungen den Wert fallen. Mit 0$ bewertete Beiträge werden nicht dauerhaft gespeichert. Die Platform ist daher basisdemokratisch, obwohl es nicht gerecht scheint, wenn 50:50 umstrittene Beiträge bei 0 landen und damit kontroverse Themen im Nirwana verschwinden können.

Aber ich bin noch nicht weiter bei steemit eingestiegen, daß ich sagen könnte, ich habe alles durchdrungen. Ich werde aber weiter berichten.

Hier für die Interessenten:


Copyrighted and Extremist content

I really didn’t want to blog about that, but we have all seen the copyrighted content posted on the blockchain recently, as well as more recently some ‚far-right winged‘ political videos that are usually censored on YouTube. And many people have been asking about my stance on that privately.

For me, these two problems are the same. The community must deal with it. I cannot do anything to stop it myself, I don’t control anything but the domain. I’m sure STEEM is full of invested people who want the platform to succeed, and they know which contents serve our interests and which don’t.

If the upvotes outweigh the downvotes, the video goes up and might be displayed in hot/trending. Otherwise, it ends at $0 and won’t be stored. I believe any living thing is able to see good from wrong, and every STEEM account has at least 6 SP, so why not use it? If you think something shouldn’t be on DTube or SteemIt, just downvote it!


Money, staff, and community

The total earnings of @dtube can be seen at (built by @jesta). As you can see, we are averaging 200 SP per day. That is a lot of income and it is enough to find a competent second developer as well as a designer to help this project going faster. I am already in the process of interviewing and will pick wisely.

We also now have not one but two channels on, #dtube and dtube-promo. Anyone is welcomed. I also created a private discord for the 3rd party providers (@nannal, @thekyle), future staff, and a few content creators doing well on DTube.

Who needs a domain?

Hey @heimindanger, aren’t you in some legal risks? Couldn’t the domain be taken down just like ??

This isn’t a real question, but I received the same one at least 20 times. TPB is a traditional website, with a back-end database. When this database gets unplugged, no more pirates. Here, a blockchain is our database, and you cannot unplug it that easily!

The domain is a concern. I could have to shut it down at one point if I receive a DMCA takedown. It already happened to a past website of mine, and there wasn’t much to be done. That’s bad. But, because there is always a but, DTube can easily be hosted anywhere. I could use GitHub pages, or even my Dropbox to serve DTube to the world. As we use IPFS on DTube already, it makes sense to go with IPNS (Interplanetary Naming System) that allows us to do this. Basically, DTube can be hosted on IPFS, and we don’t really need a domain no more. Check it out at this ugly but functional link:

You can consider this link as a mirror that will never die. However, I will keep the domain working for as long as I can. It’s more convenient for everyone.

Now let me introduce the changes in 0.2:

App settings on the blockchain

Another very annoying thing with DTube was how I had to re-compile and re-minify the source code before putting it on the live website. A simple change of setting would take 5-10 minutes to get published on

Instead, the settings of the app are now controlled through the STEEM blockchain and are stored inside the JSON Metadata of the @dtube account. You can check it on (built by @roadscape)

Automatic Gateway

Another big part of the past two weeks was to figure out the best way to tune the IPFS network to our needs. At launch, I thought it would be better to have files on every gateway for maximum availability, and that’s why the gateway used was chosen randomly. I was so wrong. I realized that after a couple of days where videos were struggling to load.

Instead, an ‚automatic‘ gateway is chosen for each file, depending on its hash. Basically, instead of loading the 50 snaps on the homepage from one single gateway, it will fetch 5-6 per gateway. I patched this two days ago and it’s obviously working much better. @nannal is complaining much less about his bandwidth costs.

It’s possible this behavior might make some videos ’never load‘. Going to the settings and changing the gateway should still do the trick, just give it a bit of time as only @nannal stores the original file and the new gateway will need to download it fully before forwarding it to you.


Wait… did I say that only @nannal is storing the files? Not for too long… 🙂

Many people have been asking if they can help the network in any way. They now can! IPFS can run on any platform and is only a few MBs download. In order to facilitate the process, I have added a few scripts so that your IPFS node can easily be configured to work with DTube.

I zipped the current windows version of IPFS (4.10) with a script to easily configure the IPFS node to connect with the DTube app.

  • Download IPFS 4.10 for Windows
  • Unzip the zip anywhere
  • Run the config.bat file
  • Allow IPFS in the firewall (there should be a popup)
  • Go through the config, it should ask you for the size you want to allocate to IPFS and pin your first file: the DTube app itself.

Feel free to make a shortcut to the dtube.bat file on your desktop, or even put it in the Startup folder of your windows PC, in order to seed video files through IPFS all day long 😀

Linux Install

This part maybe works for Mac users, I did not test it

The IPFS executable in the zip will not work on your system. IPFS is easier on Linux. Just install ‚go-ipfs‘ with your package manager, and then it’s as easy as running this script file graciously made by @brandongiesing (and it’s much cleaner than my .bat script)

Pin on upvote

Once successfully installed and connected to DTube in the ‚Settings -> Local IPFS‘ menu, any video you upvote from DTube, will get pinned, i.e. downloaded to your hard drive, and seeded on the IPFS network. It’s also a new way to show your support to your favorite content creators on STEEM. Not only you give them money, you also help them by reducing the chances of their file being forgotten by the internet.

Using local gateway (experimental)

When running IPFS on your PC, you can also try using ‚‘ aka the local gateway. What this theorically enables, is true peer to peer over DTube. You would download your video directly from another steemian who has upvoted it previously. Sounds pretty cool, right? Too bad it doesn’t work really well.

1- It completly destroys the connection as anything you see on your screen gets seeded instantly. Maybe that won’t be an issue for someone with more than 2Mb/sec.
2- Videos only start playing in the browser once the IPFS node has fully downloaded it. So let’s say someone uploaded a 2-hour long video, you will need to wait 20 minutes to start watching it. Terrible for the user experience.

These two reasons alone are enough to not make the local gateway the default one for people running IPFS. I hope we can change this in the future. True peer-to-peer streaming without gateways would be the best, and I think we are close to it.

Using local API for upload

If you are running IPFS, you will also now be able to upload directly to your IPFS node. The uploads will look instant, but will in reality happen after, when someone tries to watch your video. Just keep your IPFS node running and this should be perfectly fine. If your PC has to go down and you are afraid that some of your files might be unavailable, just use the normal upload 😉

Minor changes

  • All avatar pictures should now load from
  • Fixed search suggestions bug
  • Limited max snap file size
  • Displaying video bitrate in upload page
  • Slightly changed the way DTube videos are shown on (with now a direct link to the IPFS video)

Final words

Last two weeks were still not holidays. I guess I won’t have any this summer. As you can see a bunch of work was done, and it was mostly focused on optimization of the IPFS network and security. I don’t think we will see as many bandwidth-related problems like we have seen in the first week with videos completely failing to load or loading very slowly. I wish I could provide an update with more ‚eye-candy‘ features, but priorities are priorities.

Don’t hesitate to comment with your bugs/problems, feedback is always appreciated. Also remember about the #dtube channel on if you are looking for help or want to socialize with other video creators on STEEM.

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