Graphic Video: Group Murder in Congo


This video should really not be watched if you have a weak stomach. Here is the description by the Youtube Uploader. For most this will be enough:

DATELINE: February 17, 2017 (Democratic Republic of the Congo – RDC / Bandundu region) – Grave images have emerged of a massacre of unarmed civilians in Kabeya Kamuanga Mwanza Lomba village in the Kasai by soldiers under the command of Joseph Kabila.

The soldiers who speak Lingala and have FARDC outfits are here slaughtering the so-called militants of Kamwena Nsapu. It is a war crime, incontestably, and a crime against humanity.

Here is the sequence of this massacre: The video begins with armed soldiers saying that „they are not afraid to die, we will show them“. They walk and in front of them they have UNARMED CIVILIANS who believe in witchcraft. The myth is that they can not be killed by bullets. However…

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