Announcement by Heimdallwarda and Unfuck U

Dear readers, spectators and fellow inmates.

Yesterday was a memorable day for all of us in „The Asylum“, especially for Heimdallwarda and dictator „U“ as we conducted our very first interview or as „U“ would insist to put it: Heimdallwarda was granted the first interview with the head (THE BRAIN) of The Asylum.

Therefore GLP was created.

What is GLP?


Definition of Godwin´s Law

And you will find the HQ here:

When you run short on medication or feel the need of being electrocuted, do not hesitate to drop by at any time and find out about the wide range of services the HQ has to offer.

On Heimdallwarda you will find a direct link to the HQ with references to the latest publications of GLP on the landing page.

GLP Interviews U: Camouflage (part 1 of 2):

End of announcement. Distribution of your medication begins now.

Ein Gedanke zu “Announcement by Heimdallwarda and Unfuck U”

  1. Dear Inmates,

    We don’t electrocute anyone here. It‘s a mere tickle and a sign of benevolent and loving attention.
    Don’t forget your medication and go back to sleep.


    Gefällt mir

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