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I would like to share with you my personal experience of collaborating for three days in the early 70’s with Marcia Lucas and a small team of Anthroposophy scholars on the script of Star Wars and my recent discoveries about how that foundational work affected the writing, editing and expansions of the original Trilogy…

I decided to write about my associations with Marcia and Kathleen and the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies, not to take away from the amazing work that they did in getting these stories into the world, but to shed light how these movies have spiritually nourished millions (maybe a billion) people, whether they know it or not, over many, many decades. It is time to awaken the force within, hopefully arising from seeds that were planted many years ago as fans first watched Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker, Indy Jones and their companions confront their own personal and spiritual challenges, hopefully providing living archetypes to aid all seekers on their path towards enlightenment.

One might think that I had an enviable position to share my ideas with the creators of movies that had such a tremendous impact on the world. But actually, at the time, I was part of a school movement that discouraged parents from letting their children see movies. They believed that movies and television took away a child’s power to develop his/her own imaginations with living pictures, not contrived pictures from Hollywood. So when I was asked to join the think tank to rewrite the film treatment* that became Star Wars, I wasn’t very excited about it at all. I was just helping Marcia rewrite a story that wasn’t written too well. I didn’t know if it would ever become a movie, and I really didn’t care. Of course, as I look back, I see that this galactic fairy tale was just what the world needed at the time, and because it had all the proper components of an archetypal story, it would become an eternal story, just as Indy has become the everlasting grail adventurer seeking truth.

Initially I did not know who Kathleen Kennedy was. A few years later, I became aware that she was Spielberg’s assistant and she later confirmed that she was gathering information for Spielberg and Lucas. Once I left my teaching assignment as a Waldorf teacher, I was interested in getting spiritual ideas into the hands of movie producers in Hollywood. (Little did I know then that I had already done this!) I had heard Spielberg speak about his movie Poltergeist, and I was excited that he said in an interview that Rudolf Steiner’s ideas had helped him inspire the movie.

  • film treatment (or simply treatment) is a piece of prose, typically the step between scene cards (index cards) and the first draft of a screenplay for a motion picture, television program, or radio play.

There seems to be a common thread that runs through these movies. Can you elaborate?

The essential golden thread that runs through what I shared with Marcia and Kathleen is that the story should be about the development of a person on the path towards self enlightenment. The Quest for the Holy Grail, transcendence, mystic union, self-development, or the wedding of the soul to the spirit is at the heart of all good stories. Some call it magic, ascension, or being the “thief of the gods.” Indy and Luke Skywalker are perfect aspirants on the path as the proverbial “prodigal sons” who need to find the way back to their fathers and deal with their inherited characteristics that compel them to be seekers of the truth.

Luke finds his father Darth Vader and must redeem his evil actions. Indy finds his father and through the cup of Jesus of Nazareth,

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