In Ösiland sind die Richter aufgewacht – tu felix Austria!

Supreme Court Austria rules: masks unconstitutional

COVID-19: Several – especially earlier – measures are illegal because the basis for decision-making is insufficiently documented

The VfGH determined that a number of COVID-19 measures that were in force in spring 2020 were illegal. The prohibition of entering restaurants and independent car washes (not connected to a petrol station), restrictions on the admission of groups of visitors to restaurants (a maximum of four adults if no common household), the prohibition of events with more than ten people (such as discotheques) were specifically illegal concerned) and the mask requirement in public places in closed rooms (offices etc.).

The VfGH also repealed a provision of the COVID-19 Relaxation Ordinance (now COVID-19 Measures Ordinance), which was still in force, with which the mandatory observance of a minimum distance between the serving places in restaurants (Section 6 Paragraphs 1 and 4) was ordered, so the minimum distance of one meter between tables. The repeal will come into effect on December 31, 2020.

In the case of all provisions recognized as illegal, it was not possible to understand from the files submitted to the Constitutional Court on the basis of which factual circumstances the competent authority – the Minister of Health – considered the respective measure to be necessary. However, this violates the legal authorization in the COVID-19 Measures Act or in the Epidemic Act. The VfGH is following the key decisions of July 14, 2020 (see here).

(V 392/2020, V 405/2020, V 428/2020, V 429/2020, G 271/2020, G 272/2020)

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